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[M9G] M9Gamers – The [not so] Serious Gamers

The [M9G] Clan are a collection of avid gamers from different genre's and locations, brought together by a passion for a good, fair played game and the opportunity to make new friends and take part in regular LAN Events and online scrims.

Although most members are primarily based in South Australia, the [M9G] Clan opens its doors to any Aussie looking for a team of regulars to play alongside of.

Our two game nights are usually Thursday nights and Sunday nights from 8pm till late. We can be found in-game on most other nights anyway, and you can always join our Steam Group and join in the fun!

[M9G] No–Hack Policy

[M9G] has a very strict, no questions asked no–hacking policy. If you hack when using our tags, you not only get banned, but the site manager will report you himself.

We do not tolerate hacking of any kind, and if you believe you've witnessed this and have solid proof, please contact us and let us know as we will take instant action upon reported player. Solid proof would be video capture of reported player in action, and not just being a good player, actually hacking.

As a mature aged clan, we pride ourselves in playing fair, playing as per the rules, and as per the book. Again, if you believe this has been broken, contact us immediately.

[M9G] Donations & Support

We currently run multiple dedicated servers, which switch on and off at any given time due to our limited, player funded budget.

Our friendly family/clan is run and supported by our members, and you can help by donating here!

[M9G] Server Status

TS3 Server

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